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The internet is a very big place with all of the search engines able to deliver websites having content related to Amarna. However, when a site is of particular interest to the Amarna 3D project it will be listed here. The entries have been split into categories for ease of use.


The Amarna Project is the official website for the archaeological excavations and research currently ongoing at the Amarna location. This website has a great deal of information about the city, the excavations throughout history and the overall ideas and history relating to Akhenaten and Amarna.

The Egypt Exploration Society has a long history of association with excavations at Amarna. The society began in 1892 and supported the early UK expeditions to the site. The EES have published extensively on the work done at Amarna.

Since its inception in 1978, the Theban Mapping Project (TMP, now based at the American University in Cairo) has been working to prepare a comprehensive archaeological database of Thebes.

3D Historical

Giza 3D

An interactive look at the Giza plateau.

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