The Amarna3D Project v.1

The earlier reconstruction of the City of Akhenaten

V1 Gallery

The Quayside

The Quayside This view shows two ships docked at the quayside. The view is roughly pointing north east.

Small Aten Temple

The Small Aten Temple This view is roughly easterly in direction and shows the Small Aten Temple which was close to the Pharaoh's quarters on the left.

Side view of the Great Aten Temple

Looking south over the Great Aten Temple In this view we can see the Great Aten Temple which stretches left to right to capture the sun as it rises in the east. You can see the rows of offering tables and on the right the River Nile.

Aerial view of the City

Aerial view of the City This view is facing east with the River Nile running along the bottom of the image. On the left we can see the Great Aten Temple whilst on the right is the Small Aten Temple.

Please note that this version of the city was completed in 2001 and has since been archived. Work has began on the new version of the city and progress can be seen though the blog and associated pages.

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