Welcome to the new AMARNA:3D website.

After 12 years of having the old website I thought it was about time I updated it and freshened everything up! When I first created the website it was mainly to have a showcase of the project files but after a lot of interest by writers, researchers, producers it became much more.

I have been planning on updating the project with the latest technology for some time now but workloads have always prevented me from doing so, and unfortunately still do to a certain extent. When I first constructed the city back in 2000 it was the only real large scale model of its type. Now others have began to develop versions and that is probably another reason why I want to update things.

As for the end result of version 2, I’m not sure which way I want to go. Do I develop it for a realtime engine such as Unreal or CryEngine? Or do I develop it as a photo real  model? The differences between the two are not that far apart any more.

Well, lets see what happens…